danuser & ramírez is “the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.”

Danuser & Ramírez is a gallery that delivers a high quality exhibitional experience, constructed through the comprehensive implementation of a love ethic. The gallery was founded in spring 2022 by Royal College of Art, Master’s in Curating Contemporary Art students Caspar Danuser and la Nikki Nita Ramírez. Distraught by cruel experiences of going to galleries in London, they decided to formulate a vision to change the heart of the game for the better.

The exhibitions of Danuser & Ramírez hence grow from a substrate of cutting edge contemporary art discourse and love ethics.

Danuser & Ramírez operates within a monthly cycle of new shows. These shows feature the promising sprouts of the international contemporary art scene congregated in London. For they may grow into the “tronco” trees providing fruit, shadow, air and much more to the next generations. Danuser & Ramírez aims to function as a pivotal moment in artists’ careers, by curatorially challenging the collaborators to deliver an exquisite product, a process that elevates all that are involved to a higher plane of existence. Methods originating from design thinking are applied to refine ideas over the course of multiple iterations, in order to arrive at the best possible exhibitional delivery. Additionally, art historical theories are woven into the stories of current art discourse and literature. Consequently, Danuser & Ramírez takes those involved into a place beyond the status quo.

Meet the Founders

The founders and directors, Caspar Danuser and la Nikki Nita Ramírez draw on their combined work and study experiences to facilitate the above described high quality exhibitional experience. Caspar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Design Management International, providing Danuser & Ramírez with a solid foundation in the conception and realisation of organisational structures and processes. Nikki holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Art History and Conservation Studies, equipping Danuser & Ramírez with the necessary art historical and technical expertise.

During his studies, Caspar founded and ran an alternative gallery in Switzerland for over four years. This venture was supported by various governmental foundations, as well as private sector sponsorships. This extensive background in experimental exhibition-making is complemented perfectly by Nikki’s extensive institutional background, consisting of various positions held at institutions. Nikki has interned and worked at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, and most recently, The Studio Museum in Harlem. She explored various art focused career paths, from conservation to development.

Through the combination of their forces, Caspar and Nikki want to be there for the artists that make art because they aim to transcend the status quo, for the collectors that collect art because they see the importance of the artworks, and those art lovers that love art because they know our common secret.

“My practice is one of constant inquiry. Collaboration is crucial to my understanding of the curatorial role, as I hope to uncover broader regimes of visibility through a multitude of perspectives. I have a curiosity and a commitment to solving intriguing and complex challenges. My goal is to demystify the art space in a way that engages historically disadvantaged groups in a new way.”

- la Nikki Nita Ramírez

“My practice focuses on ideas of returning to the now. I value going beyond the perceptions of singularity. I engage in questions of systems, and the ways we are all connected.”

- Caspar Danuser